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Connection Fees

The following defines fees for both Sewer and Water Connection fees as well as Infiltration and Inflow Surcharge fees.

Classified Service - providing sewer and water service to the following premises per ordinance #5-2007

Single & Multiple Family Residential Premises, Commercial Premises
Meter SizeConection Fee
3/4" - 5/8"$12,607
1 1/2"$68,256

Schedule of Units
1. Apartments, hotels, motels
   Each kitchen - One Unit
   Each bath - One Unit
2. Service Station - Five Units
3. Stores or Offices
   Each bath or 1/2 bath - One Unit


*Commercial premises, not covered by any of these categories, including without limitation such premises and facilities as restaurants, swimming pools, ski or recreation areas, shall be deemed unclassified, and connection fees applicable shall be established in each case by the District, taking into consideration, among other things, the estimated volume of water or waste, type of sewage or waste to be disposed of, type of pressure to be served, location thereof, and benefit derived or inuring thereto.


**Where only one type of service is involved, that is, water or sewer, but not both, the above schedule may be reduced or modified in such amount or manner as the District may determine.