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Per Policy 4.6.0, the Board of Directors and the General Manager are to develop annually a list of goals and objectives for the fiscal year. These goals and objectives can be directed towards staff, the General Manager and/or the Board itself and will be used to measure the overall performance of each. This list, per the policy, is to be completed prior to June 1 so that it will coincide with the fiscal year.

Also per the policy, ambiguous and subjective goals or objectives are excluded since the objective of the policy is to provide measurable criteria.

The following list has been created as a collaborative effort between the Administration & Personnel Committee, the General Manager and the Board of Directors.

Board Goals and Objectives

  1. Review the District's Mission Statement and the Goals and Objectives in May of each year.
  2. Review existing policies at the Committee and Board level and make new policies as required for the management and operation of the District at a committee and board level.
  3. Budget resources to ensure that money, staff, and facilities are available for the District to operate within all of the policies of the Board.
  4. Provide the public with information about the District's activities, goals, and objectives through the semi-annual newsletter, annual valley-wide meeting, Board meetings and on-the-street communications.
  5. Always communicate with each other, the General Manager and the public in a polite and respectful manner.
General Manager Goals and Objectives

  1. Personnel
    1. Provide a work environment for staff that promotes employee retention.
    2. Provide guidance to the Board regarding the resources necessary for adequate training and continuing education of staff.
  2. Budget & Finance
    1. Provide guidance to the Board regarding the budgetary needs of the District, both in annual operations and future capital expenditures.
    2. Provide guidance to the Board regarding the financial condition of the District and manage the District's financial resources in a fiscally efficient way.
    3. Continue to update the capital asset 30 year study.
  3. Planning and Implementation
    1. Prepare and carry out the necessary plans and actions to implement the approved operating and capital improvement budgets for FY 2020/2021.
      1. Oversee completion of tank 4 and 4a replacement project.
    2. Carry out the following tasks not specified in the operating or capital budgets.
      1. Continue to work on retroactively obtaining easements for installed water and sewer facilities, including consultation with Legal regarding lot transfers.
      2. Complete at least 30 service application updates annually.
      3. Continue to work on capital asset 30 year replacement schedule.
  4. Communications
    1. Communicate with the Board regarding:
      1. Operation and management of the District
      2. Follow-up items from Board meetings
      3. Legal, financial and operational impacts of projects
    2. Communicate to the public District activities including:
      1. Newsletters
      2. Web page
      3. If possible, attendance at the annual All-Valley Meeting

    For Evaluation Purposes:

    General Comments:

    1. Areas of strength
    2. Areas for improvement
      1. Continue to work on private homeowner easements

    Effective: 7/1/20